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Scandal at Mr Fothergils Hotel

From Western Mail Saturday 19 February 1887

Thos. Rigby was charged with maliciously breaking a pane of glass at the Cleopatra Hotel. From the evidence of Mr. Fothergill, it appeared that the defendant had been engaged to be married to the cook at the hotel, and that the banns had been called once, when his intended discovered that her suitor already had a wife and six children, who were shortly expected from England. She at once broke off the engagement, but the defendant  had not ceased to pester her with his attentions, going so far on the last occasion as to break the window panes of her bedroom. The defendant, who said he was sorry for what he had done, was fined 20s, or in default 14 days imprisonment, and was ordered to pay the cost of the window pane.