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Miss Fothergill Marries

From Western Mail Saturday 29 April 1893

The marriage of Miss Fothergill, eldest daughter of Captain Fothergill, of Fremantle with Mr. Hugh B. Dixson, took place on Wednesday afternoon, at St. John's Church, Fremantle, the officiating clergyman being the Ven. Archdeacon Watkins. The church was crowded with the many friends of the bride and bridegroom. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in an exquisite gown of ivory corded silk, with gros Mechlin lace.


Her veil, which was of old Brussels lace, was worn over a coronet of real orange blossoms, and a handsome shower bouquet of variegated flowers completed a most enchanting costume. The only bridesmaid was Miss Marie Fothergill, sister of the bride. She wore a dress of ruby cloth, plain skirt with trimming of beaver, Russian blouse with velvet gigot sleeves, also trimmed with beaver. The bride's mother was attired in a handsome gown of surah, trimmed with jet and Maltese lace. The bride's travelling dress was of glace wool, mingled with shades of orchid, ruby and mousse, made in Bulgarian style and trimmed with heavy beaver. Hat to match. The costumes were the work of Mrs. Hamley of Fremantle.


The post of best man was filled by Mr. J. B. Campbell. The service was most impressive, the full choral accompaniment being rendered with fine effect.. At the wedding breakfast, the Ven. Arch- deacon Watkins proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom, to which the latter responded. Mr. Dixson proposed the health of the bridesmaid, to which Mr. J. B. Campbell replied. The host and hostess were proposed by Mr. D. K. Congdon, and Captain Fothergill suitably acknowledged the toasts, after which the proceedings ended, and the happy couple left on their honeymoon trip. A list of the wedding presents, which, is a very long one, is unavoidably held over.


THE wedding presents, on the occasion of the marriage of Miss Sarah Fothergill with Mr. H. B. Dixson, on Wednesday, were both numerous and costly, and gave evidence of  the popularity of the bride and bridegroom, Among the presents were the following :-Miss Waldeck, handsome worked cushion; Mr. Saw, hot water kettle; Mr. Shuffrey, card tray; Mr. and Mrs. Hammond, combination breakfast cruet; Mrs. Newman, butter- dish; Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, fruit dishes, Master Annois, gold pin; Mr. D. O. Gawler, fruit dishes; Mrs. Comston, photo album, Mrs. Waldeck, fish carvers; Mr. King, salt cellars ; Mr. and Mrs. Symon, fruit carvers and spoons; Mr. Diamond, salad bowl; Misses Myers and Lloyd, cruet; Mrs. Saw, inlaid writing case; Mr and Mrs. Saphir, salt cellars; Mr. and Mrs. Congdon, fruit stand; Mr. Hubble, dessert set; Mr. L. M. Moss, entree dishes.; Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Wilson, butter, dish and salt cellars ; Mr. Marmion, junr., cruet; Mr. U. M. Walker, paper knife; Mr. L. A. Alexander, tart server; Captain Russell, view of Fremantle and harbour, in oils Mrs. J. Cumming, set of trays ; Misses Congdon & Saw, needlework; Mrs. Fay, thimble-holders; Mr. H. Briggs, 8 vols. Shakespeare; Mrs. Savage, handsome work, table; Mrs. Russell, photo cabinet; Miss E. Waldeck, handsome worked plush chair Miss Monk, screen. The bridegroom's pre- sent was a magnificent opal and diamond bracelet. Mrs. Dixson sent a handsome opal and diamond brooch, and Mr. J. B. Campbell sent a bracelet set with diamonds and sapphires. The bride's mother and father gave a beautiful tea set and tray, and her brother a gold chain. The Western Lieder tafel presented the bridegroom with a hand- some gold lyre. Mr. and Mrs. Hooper, a pair of crystal and silver flower holders. The gift of the choir of St. John's Church was a biscuit barrel beautifully engraved, and the employees of Messrs. Dixson & Sons. gave a sovereign purse.