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Our History & Our Historical Connections

Built in 1892 the first residents were the daughter and son-in-law of Hugh Dixon


In 1993 the property was bought by Bob & June Andersen who did much in restoration and adaptation of the houses to create spacious, comfortable and modern accommodation. At that time Fothergills was almost the only B&B in Fremantle and the Andersen’s worked hard to keep it the foremost. The original shared bathrooms and outdoor toilet facilities were replaced by ingenious en-suite facilities designed by a marine architect and built of Tasmanian oak by local craftsmen.


In 2001 No 22 was sold and used as private residence once more. In No 20 dining facilities were added in a beautiful sun-filled conservatory, built of limestone and Oregon pine, at the rear of No 20. However a year later Bob & June decided that the time had come to enjoy retirement and No 20 was sold to the current owner – living in No 22. The challenge was then to continue to strive to provide the best B&B whilst not being owner managed.


Anne and Tony Robertson, a New Zealand couple took the reins with Anne as host and Tony using his skills as a master painter in redecorating the bedrooms. They handed over to Linda Reardon from Victoria who turned her efficient hand to almost anything until the acquisition of No 18 when Susie Llewellyn re-joined the team. Susie had worked for some years with Bob & June and so knew the vagaries of the houses and the business. 


Over a decade at Fothergills Bob had restored a 1952 Morris Minor convertible bought from the original owner in Kalgoorlie and in which he had great pleasure in driving guests into the town centre. When Bob & June moved out the Morris went too but a couple of years later we were privileged to be able to purchase this vehicle and bring it back home to Fothergills whence it still occasionally takes guests out for a ride around town.


In 2004 No 18 was purchased and named Fothergill Lodge. Although its previous owners had spent a great deal of time and effort in restoration, it had latterly been used as rental accommodation and was in much need of a further work. All three houses were listed on the State Register of Historic Buildings which placed restrictions on the maintenance and restoration within the houses.


Accommodation giving a true flavour of Fremantle has been our aim and to this end local arts and crafts have been used to decorate the rooms, the public areas and the gardens of all three houses.